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How does it work?

Have you had your recent PSA Test?

It is recommended that men aged 40 years and over have a regular PSA test carried out.

We help to run events and provide home testing kits that enable men to have a simple blood test that may indicate whether or not they have a possible problem with their prostate and should take further action via their GP.

You can use this service to register for a PSA test at events around the country organised in association with many supporting charitable organisations including Lions, Rotary, Masons and other local charities, or to request one of our home testing kits.

Use our service to find and book yourself on a PSA testing event near you, or to request one of our home testing kits.

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Let us know your postcode, location or even the name of a host organisation for where a test event might be being organised and we can let you know of any PSA tests event that might be available.

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Alternatively, we can send you a home testing kit to be able to take a blood sample in the comfort of your own home and then you can return it to us for processing your PSA test.

Home Testing

As well as organising and hosting testing events we also provide home testing kits where we send you the kit to be able to take a blood sample in the comfort of your own home and then you can return it to us for processing.

We are constantly working with other charities and organisations across the country to be able to organise and host PSA testing events. Some of these events are free of charge and funded by various charitable organisations, others may ask you to make a payment or donation to help cover the costs of running these testing event and processing your particular PSA test result.

The following events are in our upcoming calendar, however if you cannot find an event to suit your location or your availability then please come back another time as we are constantly working to organise more future events during the day, evenings and over the weekends.

Upcoming Events
Thursday 31 Dec 2020
The Test Hall (CV34 4HU)
The Testing Site
The Testing Event
The Test Hall
CV34 4HU

Saturday 08 May 2021
Kempston (MK42 8AH)
Bedfordshire Freemasons Prostate Screening Event
The Keep
Bedford Road
MK42 8AH

Saturday 15 May 2021
Luton (LU2 7HR)
Bedfordshire Freemasons Prostate Screening Event
The Pavilion
Bowling Green Lane

Saturday 22 May 2021
Dunstable (LU6 3JT)
Bedfordshire Freemasons PSA Testing Event
Dunstable Masonic Centre
Cemetery Lane

We are always looking to work with more charities and organisations to host more and more of these PSA testing events, helping reach out to men throughout the country and making it easier for them to get a PSA test in a location convenient to where they live.

If you would be interesting in working with us to organise more of these events or want to know more then please contact us to discuss further.

Get in touch to find out more or if you would like us to help you organise or host a PSA testing event